GOB to place indefinite moratorium on offshore oil exploration

Updated: August 17, 2017

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has written to the Vice President of Oceana Janelle Chanona in respect to Belize’s moratorium on offshore oil exploration. Love News has received a copy of the letter and in it the Prime Minister informs Chanona that on August 15, Cabinet decided that a piece of legislation should go to parliament in order to convert the moratorium into a permanent policy. Barrow wrote quote, “This will mean that there can be no activity related to oil exploration in Belize’s territorial sea and EEZ.” Barrow assures Chanona that the moratorium under the law which they will now pass through the National Assembly will be of indefinite duration. It is expected that the law will be passed in October of this year. We understand that the Prime Minister will speak on the matter during tomorrow’s sitting of the House of Representatives.