Another house goes up in flames

Updated: September 25, 2017

An early morning fire on Sunday destroyed a wooden house in Burrell Boom Village. Police report that Patty Seguro told officers that her son, Byron Hyde was staying in the house but he was out of town. Neighbors told police that they got up at around 5:45 that morning and heard crackling outside and soon realized the house next door was engulfed in flames. When police arrived, they report that the wooden structure, which was about six feet off the ground, was engulfed in flames. Another smaller structure, about three to four feet off the ground at the western side was also in flames. No one was at the house at the time of the fire and police say that the house did not have electricity. The fire department personnel arrived at 6:22 am and soon after extinguished the fire. The total cost of the damage is yet to be ascertained. Police investigation continues.