Soaring fuel price expected to take a dip

Updated: October 6, 2017

Regular Gasoline is set to decrease at twelve o’clock tonight. According to the Government, a new shipment of Regular Gasoline is due to arrive in country today, and the pump price will fall by 84 cents per gallon in Belize City. At mid-night, regular gasoline will be selling for $10.29. Prices across the country will also show a similar decrease. We note that Government collects a little over four dollars in taxes on every gallon of regular gasoline that is sold. This is about 47 percent in fuel taxes. The government expects that the pump price of Premium Gasoline will decrease as a result of the arrival of next shipment which is scheduled for later this month. Premium remains at $11.92 and Diesel remains at $9.63. Pump Prices for Diesel Oil and Kerosene are also expected to decrease substantially and the prices figures will be announced as soon as they become available.