Media boycott Police

Updated: October 11, 2017

Several major media houses in Belize have banded together in an effort to advocate for the free flow of information from the Belize Police Department. Participating in the boycott are this media house,  Channel 7, Krem News, News 5, CTV3 News, Plus News, the Reporter Press, the Amandala Newspaper and the Belize Times Newspaper. All media houses have agreed not to cover events surrounding the work of the police in response to the Department’s unofficial decision to not grant any interviews to the media even though there have been several murders and major crime incidents recently. The Police Press Officers would not offer a reason why interviews are not being granted. This is the second concerted effort in recent history by the local press in advocating for a common purpose. Following the first boycott, a meeting was scheduled with the Commissioner of Police but that has yet to materialize.