Pink Eye causing problems for BERT

Updated: October 12, 2017

Belize Emergency Response Team, BERT, has announced that conjunctivitis or pink eye is affecting its capabilities. A statement from BERT states quote, “the organization is currently being impacted by the ongoing conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) infection, therefore, Non-Emergency Land Ambulance Services are being affected.” End of quote. The public is asked to minimize Non-Emergency Calls to BERT until the situation stabilizes. BERT continues to respond to Emergency Calls as per normal through its land and air ambulance services. The public is reminded to employ driving best practices and obey the rules of the road to prevent Road Traffic Accidents. The Ministry of Health has advised that once you are affected by the Pink Eye infection to visit a Doctor as soon as possible and stay at home. Wash your hands regularly after touching your face and stay away from crowded areas to minimize the spread.