Trinidadian in Belize for UB’s Presidential Lecture

Updated: November 8, 2017

As part of its Presidential Series lecture the University of Belize today hosted Nikoli Edwards who is from Trinidad and Tobago.  Edwards is currently the Vice Chairperson responsible for policy, advocacy, and projects for the Commonwealth Youth Council. His presentation focused on student advocacy and social responsibility. In his speech, Edwards spoke of growing up and being an entrepreneur by selling products at the market; seeing his father’s dead body on social media; organizing student protests at UWI St Augustine when teachers withheld grades; being asked to serve as a senator; his Friendship with UB president Clement Sankat; meeting dynamic UB students at the Youth Conference held in Belize City. He was presented with a gift of appreciation from UB Belmopan student body President Shiyanne Khrissane Perez.