Man pleads guilty to Manslaughter for Killing his Wife

Updated: November 10, 2017

The police provided armed security for 46-year-old Glenford “Bucket” Bermudez when he went today to the court of Justice Adolph Lucas for his sentence for manslaughter. Last week Bermudez, who was convicted of the murder of his wife, 36-year-old Raquel Requena, pled guilty to manslaughter at his retrial that was ordered by the Belize Court of Appeal. But the sentencing did not take place.  Justice Lucas deferred sentencing until Monday, November 13 so that both the Crown and the defense can make adequate representation on the range of sentencing to be passed, including deduction if any on time already served. On November 22, 2007, Bermudez, an ex-BDF soldier, shot and killed his wife with a shotgun blast to her head from close range. In April 2011, Bermudez was convicted of murder and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He appealed and Belize Court of Appeal allowed his appeal and ordered a retrial. Bermudez is being represented by attorney Oscar Selgado. The Crown is being represented by Crown Counsel Shanice Lovell.