Teenage Pregnancy on the Rise in Belize

Updated: November 21, 2017

Belize has a high teenage pregnancy rate which is of concern since this can lead to other problems such as a high level of high school dropouts, unemployment, and poverty. Therefore, UNICEF and the government of Belize are working together to see how they can improve the quality of life for adolescents. Paulette Wade, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist of UNICEF, spoke to Love News.

Paulette Wade – Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

“UNICEF along with the government are really now focusing on adolescent health, trying to improve their health because more and more young people are becoming parents. I think for nationally, and this is nationally seventy-four out of every thousand adolescent is pregnant and that number increases for Corozal and for Stann Creek so on average its seventy-four per thousand which is very high and we are talking about young mothers and as we spoke about in terms of child protection it can also have that kind of issue because if you’re young and frustrated you might end up employing corporal punishment.”

On an average, seventy-four out of every thousand adolescents are pregnant in Belize.