Belize and El Salvador working together to Strengthen Citizen Security

Updated: December 6, 2017

Belize and El Salvador are joining efforts to strengthen citizen security. Representatives from both countries met in San Salvador for the first Technical Cooperation Meeting on Security. Belize’s cohort included Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Retired Lieutenant Colonel, George Lovell, Director of Immigration and Nationality, Diana Locke and Chief Executive Officer at the Kolbe Foundation, Virgilio Murillo. The dialogue focused on improving efforts in the areas of migration, intelligence sharing, international security and terrorism, prevention of gang violence, forensic sciences and the fight against organized crime. During their visit, the Belize delegation visited El Salvador’s National Forensic Laboratory and the Immigration Office at a Border Entry Point to exchange best practices in dealing with migration flows. The next meeting will be held in Belize in June 2018.