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22 Belizeans honored at Tribute to Belizean Patriots

Last night twenty-two Belizeans were honored for their outstanding contributions to society in the annual Tribute to Belizean Patriots. The event was held at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and has become an important part of the country’s September celebrations. Two persons, Betty Flinchum and Henry Young Sr. received the Order of Distinction. Twenty other Belizean patriots were handed the Meritorious Service Award for their contributions to Belize and the society. The proclamation was read by Honorable Carlos Perdomo and Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young gave a brief remark on the event.

Carlos Perdomo – Secretary of the National Honors and Awards Advisory Committee “Tribute to Belizean Patriots proclamation. Whereas the following persons have labored diligently on behalf of the improvement of and to the benefit of our country Belize and its people and whereas they have contributed their time, energy and intelligence often at great sacrifice to themselves to making Belize a better place for all our people. Now therefore by the power vested in me as Governor General and acting on the advice of the Prime Minister Honorable Dean O Barrow and on behalf of a grateful nation, I proclaim that National Awards be vested upon Betty Flincham, the Order of Distinction. Henry Young Sr.. Patricia Bennet, Meritorious Service Award. Dianne Finnegan, Meritorious Service Award. Lucille Hulse Heusner, Meritorious Service Award. Arcadia Carrillo, Meritorious Service Award. Matron Christina Palacio, Meritorious  Service Award. Rita Defore, Meritorious Service Award. Cordelia Rhaburn, Meritorious Service Award. Kathleen Skeen, Meritorious  Service Award. McKayla Williamson, Meritorious  Service Award. Earnest Tillett, Meritorious  Service Award, Cuthbert Bailey, Meritorious  Service Award. Henry Smith, Meritorious  Service Award. Earlyn Henderson, Meritorious  Service Award. Eworth Garbutt, Meritorious  Service Award. Fabian Cayettano, Meritorious  Service Award. Sebastian Cayettano, Meritorious  Service Award. John Young Sr, Meritorious  Service Award. Pedro Salazar Sr, Meritorious  Service Award. Robert Usher, Meritorious  Service Award. Robert Pate Sr, Meritorious  Service Award. God save Belize given this 14th day of September 2017 in the 36th year of the independence of Belize signed Sir. Colville Young Governor General of Belize. Let us give them a big hand.”

Governor General of Belize, Sir Colville Young: “I just want to congratulate the recipients of the honors and to remind all Belizeans young especially that these are examples of the kind of lives they should live. They kind of service they should give to their country.”