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400 Belize City youths get an early Xmas Treat

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Embassies of Mexico, Taiwan, USA, Guatemala along with the British High Commission teamed up for a Christmas event with the Belize Police Department to share seasonal joy with about 400 Belize City youths. Senior Superintendent Howell Gillett, told the media yesterday that each child would go home with a gift.

Howell Gillet Senior Superintendent Police: “They have all come together and sponsored 350 gifts and we are so pleased for that but we are even more pleased for them to consider region one of Belize City. There are so many kids who have not had a git for this Christmas and we like so much to bring cheer to the young people and not because they were living on the region one side which is formally southside means that you can’t be a positive person. You can dream big, we might be looking at a future Prime Minister here with us, a doctor, a Police Officer, a Soldier, or a Coast Guard Officer so we want to leave positive memories in the minds of young people and what better way to do it than to be with them as law enforcers because the Police must not only be seen as arrestors but we must be seen as friends to the communities that we serve and I believe the secret to fighting crime not just for now but into the future is the actions that we take right now at this moment to help our young people to remain positive and to have positive memories that will last a lifetime so we are very pleased with what is occurring here today. We invited 350 kids but we are in excess of that now and no child will go away without a gift. This is the coming together of many different trouble neighborhoods: we have kids from the Martins area, we have kids from Conch Shell Bay, from Rocky Rd., from May Flower and it tells you a story that we could live together as people without worrying about gang territories but we have to instill it in them from a very young age so that is the message we want to be carried on all the TV and Radio Stations to show that yes we can live together and we have a dream that one day we will bring all the communities back together so that people can work freely and walk freely in any community without fear of wrongdoing being done to them so we have to start with them from  at very young age.”

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