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Crime & Police News

5-Year Old Murder Case of Samuel Price Adjourned

The trial of 30-year-old Shane Gillett, charged with the murder of 84-year-old Samuel Price, the brother of former Prime Minister George Price, was adjourned until Tuesday, June 7 for his attorney, Leeroy Banner, to give his closing address. Price, who lived alone at mile five and a half on Phillip Goldson Highway, was killed on April 15, 2011. His body was found the following day by relatives when they visited his home. He was in his night clothes and he was partly immersed in water in his bath tub. He had injuries to his head and body which were caused by a blunt instrument. The prosecution called ten witnesses, but none of them were eye witnesses. The case for the prosecution is reliant on an oral and written confession statement that Gillett allegedly made to the police. When he took the witness stand Gillett testified that he was beaten and tasered by the police to give the statements. He said that the police did not caution him before he gave the statements.

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