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8th Annual Tacos Fest held in Orange Walk

Taco and meat lovers converged in Orange Walk Town on Sunday for the eight annual Tacos Festival.  The Festival sees some fifty tacos vendors pool at the Banquitas House of Culture to sell a variety of tacos, including beef, pork, and the ever popular chicken tacos. Robert Usher, one of the organizer, says this year they included a Jamaican tacos. Usher adds that the event has become very popular for Belizeans all over the country.

Robert Usher OW Tacos Fest: “You know the Tacos is an Industry where when it comes to the tortillas, the chicken all the vegetables and everything, we have so many Tacos vendors here in Orange Walk so when we look at it and we see the big circulation of over 50 Tacos Venders selling here on the daily in Orange walking we say let’s do a Tacos Fest, we started it 8 years ago and it has been growing and growing and growing and I was so surprised today because I was out here at about 5:50 this morning and around 20 minutes after that which would have been 6:10 out there was packed with people already eating their Tacos. The fest in its whole, it’s not a competition but we have some people from Blanquitas House of Culture that goes around and ask some of the Tacos Venders if they would like to be part of the tasting and the ones that say yes they enter and the one that doesn’t want to enter, no issue with that and then around 4 o’clock we announce the winner and that winner walks away with a brand new stove, we have blenders, we have road trip tickets to San Pedro.

The day also featured a marching band, cultural presentations, a tasting competition and live music. The Tacos Festival was nominated for the Tourism Awards and this year won second place.

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