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Aguacate Villagers now have access to better Roads

Work was done to improve road condition to Aguacate Village in the Toledo District. Paul Mahung has the update.

Paul Mahung, Love FM: The recent concern of bad road condition to Aguacate as expressed by Alcalde Abraham Can on behalf of villagers on Love News was followed up by Senator Macario Coy who commented that thereafter the needed repair was done.

Abraham Can, Alcalde: “The upgrading from Manfredi junction all the way to Aguacate Village access road in the Toledo Road West constituency is completed. I say special thanks to Minister of Works, the Honorable Rene Montero. Special thanks to the Ministry of Work, Toledo Department. The residents can now travel in and out of the village with extraordinary ease and comfort. I also want to mention that work is also on their way to Barranco Village.”

Paul Mahung, Love FM: Bus operators commented that the improved road condition to Aguacate is helpful to the livelihood of villagers and welcoming to those who have to travel to and from Aguacate daily or often.

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