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Alpuche Maintains Innocence

One of the accused, Efrain Alpuche also addressed the media.

REPORTER:  “Do you maintain your innocence in this?”

EFRAIN ALPUCHE:  “Hell yes. I am innocent until once I am proven guilty noh?”

REPORTER:  “Do you believe they can prove your guilty in this?”

EFRAIN ALPUCHE:  “I don’t think so; I can’t see how.”


REPORTER:  “What do you think the motivation is for these allegations brought against you and for you to be held until the very last minute that the law allows.”

EFRAIN ALPUCHE:  “I hope I don’t get myself in trouble but I think it is political; seeing the amount of manpower that is here into this thing here. It is amazing when a national multi company cries.  We would have loved to have this assistance eight months ago when we were looking for Don Ramon Cervantes. Had we had this type of operation we would have found him earlier noh and that sort of thing but it is what it is.”

No plea was taken as the matter is an indictable one.  They were offered bail in the sum of forty thousand dollars and a surety of the same amount.  They are to reappear in court on June 2.

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