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Anibal the Assassin Avila – Guatemalan Shoots at Customs

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There was a cross border shooting incident that occurred in the early morning hours. Customs Officials at the Benque Viejo border with Melchor, Guatemala called the police at 2:30 this morning to report that after denying entry to a Guatemalan National, Anibal Avila, who had been arrested before for gun and ammunition, the man went back across the border and fired several shots at them. The Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch, Joseph Myvett says they are investigating.

ACP Joseph Myvett: “This morning sometime around 2:30 am Customs Officials at the Belize western border reported that around about the same time 2:30 am two hispanic males approached the Customs building. Both were on a motorbike: one person attempted to enter the building to cross but he had been refused entry into Belize several times and as result he then went back towards the Guatemalan border where turned around and fired several shots towards the direction of the Customs building. This person is known to Police as he in 2016 has been arrested and charged for possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition as he was found in the Freezone. We are doing that at this very moment. We are doing that with our Guatemalan counterparts as he is from Xuchitan Melchor was the address given to us.”

He fired the shots from the Guatemalan side towards the Customs Building before fleeing the area with his companion on a motorcycle. The police department is contacting counterparts in Guatemala for assistance.

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