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Another 15k winner of Scratch & Win

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Another family has won fifteen grand simply by scratching a winning ticket. The Georgetown family decided to try their luck on Friday and, today, the daughter of the winner, Keandra Fernandez, stopped by our studio to tell us how it all went down.

Keandra Fernandez – Daughter of the Winner: “It was Friday, she purchased about ten tickets, she scratched five at Independence and five at home. She shared between her daughters and she got the winning ticket, she was the one with the winning a ticket, yes. She scratched and saw the two $15,000, then she scratched the next side slowly, slowly. When she saw that she got the other $15,000, she saw the 15, when she saw she well  I don’t know… like she couldn’t explain herself. Her facial expression was happy but she didn’t know how to react.”

Courtney Menzies: “So there is a lot of excitement in your house?”

Keandra Fernandez – Daughter of the Winner: “Yes a lot of excitement, we are going to renovate our house because a lot of things need to be renovated and out of the money we are just going to split the rest as a family.”

Courtney Menzies: “So your family buys Scratch a lot?”

Keandra Fernandez – Daughter of the Winner: “Yes we do, we try and try, that Friday night was the night for us. People have to try and try until they win something because the game is really fun, you know, you win, even if you win a little you know, at least try and try, maybe you might be lucky.”  

The one dollar tickets have a grand prize of $5000 while the two dollar tickets have the $15,000 grand prize./////////////


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