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📣 MAIN TERMS AND Definations to be fully aware:                      📣 “COVID-19” – means the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov), which is an infectious disease caused by a virus which, having emerged during 2019, was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation on the 11th March, 2020;                      📣 “emergency area” – means the area declared to be under a public state of emergency under the Proclamation;                      📣 “essential service” means the offices listed in Schedule I; “essential worker” means an employee of an essential service;                      📣 “social distancing” includes the practice of staying home, avoiding crowds and refraining from touching one another and maintaining a distance of no less than three feet from other persons.                      📣 Need Food Assistance? | ¿Necesita asistencia alimentaria (comida)? – Para Idioma en Español llamar los Numeros : 631-2065 | 636-0423 | 626-4764.                      📣 For English language call: 636-5743 | 627-3634 | 629-8100 |631-9158 | 630-8502 | 607-8053 | 624-8532 | 606-9900 | 631-3359 | 621-4247 | 627-2062 | 607-6178 | 630-1081.                      📣 Please note the numbers for Food Assistance at the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation. The Ministry asks that you please bear patience if you cannot get through.
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Attorney General says PUP threw a cheap shot at Vital Stats

On Monday the People’s United Party (PUP) launched a protest against the Vital Statistics Unit in Belize City.   A few minutes ago, the Attorney General sent a response regarding the PUP’s actions. It noted that the Government does not deny that the Vital Statistics Unit is in need of reform.  The A.G. said the Unit was removed from under the Supreme Court and bringing it under the Attorney General’s Ministry for management and control; terminating several staff members that were found to be corrupt or grossly incompetent, hiring new staff to fill critical positions; implementing training sessions for clerks; overseeing an overhaul of the management structure and systems in place; relocating the Unit to a more public friendly and accessible location; and upgrading the facility to better improve staff working conditions and public ease in accessing the services.  The release from the A.G.’s ministry  says  to attack vital services as a tool in furthering its anti-ICJ campaign is simply a cheap and desperate shot by the PUP.

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