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Auditors participated in communications training

A three-day training was held for employees of the Auditor General Office, where they learned communication skills. The International Development Bank, IDB, believed that such a training could help strengthen the public financial management and was happy to facilitate the training. Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General told the media that the training will help to build an effective team.

Dorothy Bradley, Auditor General: “We made contact with IDB and we spoke to Dr.Cassandra Rogers and she stated that the IDB was very pleased to host such a training because they believed in strengthening public financial management and so we got the support from them and through them then we were able to contact Sarah MacFadyen who is the communications expert and so she came in an facilitated the three days training. The test now will be to see how it is implemented. We start by exercising what we’ve learnt and then we will follow up in seeing how best we can further strengthen where we are at. It is not just what we say but how we say what we say and so we need to be concise in our dictations and we need to be able to communicate so that those people out there, the people we report to can better understand what it is that we are trying to say.”

Sarah Mac Fadyen, the Communication Expert for the IDB, who was the facilitator of the training, said that it was an intense training which allowed the auditors to reflect on how they can be better communicators.

Sarah Mac Fadyen, the Communication Expert for the IDB: “Specifically for auditors it’s all about helping them to take all of that important information they have and expressing it in a way that anyone can understand and then most importantly the public. So we live in a society today where we have short attention spans, where we all want to know what we want as quickly as possible and it’s about helping them take that information and deliver it to a public in a way they can understand and understand the importance of it. What auditors do is very important, they make sure that your country, your ministries, your departments are running the way they should and this is a way to make sure that when they find problems that they express them in a way that is understandable to just about anybody and so that change happens.”

The training was designed to help the auditors make their reports more clear and concise.

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