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BDF light engineers to make border crossing more secure

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Over the weekend Guatemalan media began reporting an increased presence of BDF soldiers along the western border. Red Informativa, in particular, reported that BDF soldiers and police officers began forcibly removing Guatemalan vendors from in front of the OAS office in the adjacency zone. That area is called “no man’s land” because neither Belize nor Guatemala have jurisdiction in that area. It is only an allegation but a serious one. Red Informativa further alleges that Belizean law enforcement officers told the Guatemalan vendors that they would be jailed if they did not relocate. Again that is only an allegation and Red Informativa made another allegation which is that Belize will build a wall. It is a statement many say is misinformed especially in light of a Government Press release. This morning the Belize government confirmed that BDF soldiers have been deployed to the border. They are there not to build a wall but to improve security and efficiency at the border office. BDF light engineers will be improving fences and gates to ensure better control. This will be done along with the Border Management Agency. According to the Government, the works are not expected to cause much disturbance to border officials and the public. The works are expected to be completed between six to eight weeks.

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