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Belize Brain Awareness Society helps to bring awareness to a good cause

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The Belize Brain Awareness Society is an organization base on the mental and neurological problems in the human brain. Members of the society were at Stella Maris today to interact with faculty, parents and students. According to Doris Sutherland, their members would deliver speeches, snacks, treats and free medical check-up to the kids.

Doris Sutherland: “Today since it is disability week we will be working with parents and the teachers of Stella Maris focusing mainly on learning disabilities and also nutrition education and counseling for the students.”

Jose Sanchez: “Where does this group come from and what else do you do?

Doris Sutherland: “This group comes from actually one of our well know Belizeans Ms. Kayla Nunez. She is the CEO and Ambassador of the organization and because of her experience with a brain disease she decided to form the organization to help others that have brain related diseases. So this organization is mostly to be able to work with people who have brain related diseases and try to find medical help, nutritional help in order for them to have adequate treatment.”

Jose Sanchez: What are some of the activities you expect to do with the kids today?”

Doris Sutherland: “Today we expect to work mostly with the parents and also with the teachers, talking to them about how to feed them properly, how to give them adequate meals, how to portion their food and also to help them to choose healthy foods for the children. We will also be giving counselling to some of the students and also along with their parents and some screening as well.”

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