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Belize City Mayor to adopt Orange Walk Mayor’s strategies

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On Wednesday the new Belize City council was sworn into office but the work began even before then. Mayor Bernard Wagner spoke to us about the reviews put in motion at the City Hall and what the transition has been like. And as the new mayor continues to clean house, he also needs to ensure that he finds the finances to sustain it. According to him, however, even with a lack of support from Central Government, he believes there is much he can adopt from Orange Walk Mayor Kevin Bernard.

Bernard Wagner, Mayor of Belize City: “Well the Central Government has already indicated that they would be unfriendly to us so we will do the Mayor Kevin Bernard formula, we will work our revenues, we will work along with the business community, we will develop partnerships and we will reach out to all partners; that means our councilors, our city residents, the business community. We believe that with prudent management I believe that we can run the city affairs with the current revenue streams that we collect.”

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