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The Belize Defense Force honors soldiers and partners

The Belize Defense Force honored its personnel today in its annual Christmas Luncheon. Major Rogelio Ramirez, Force Adjutant said the event is a time to thank the BDF soldiers and all other partners for their work and assistance to the force.

Major Rogelio Ramirez, Force Adjutant: “We acknowledged that they were working extremely hard throughout the year and this is the opportunity that Officers, Warrant officers and Senior MCO’s take to serve the troops. Normally the soldiers are always operational and working on the ground and we always detail them and task them to work on the different taskings that we have but at this point in time we want to thank them and reassure them that we are grateful for their hard work and dedication that they give to us and to the country and so this is the reason we want to give them some food, some turkey, ham, apples, grapes and then we also gave them some awards. There are different awards that we’ve given; some of the them were the Best Soldier throughout the year so this soldier was selected amongst the entire Belize Defence Force so the subCommanders sent in the names of the people who they thought were the best and then we in turn selected based on their recommendations who the best soldier was, we had the Best Female and likewise we selected amongst the females who is the best female. Always we have civilians who work along with us hand in hand and we also wanted to acknowledge them. The last one was the Youngest Soldier and the Oldest Soldier. That is the easy one, the youngest one for obvious reasons and the oldest as well so those were the major gifts that were awarded. Also we have a 300 club we call it, it’s a physical assessment where we have to do push ups, sit ups and the run so these people qualified and did a 100 pts on each of these particular assessments: the running, the push ups and the sit ups so we acknowledged them and we gave them cash prizes and likewise we acknowledge the people who performed exceptionally well in their respective promotional courses and non promotional courses here in Belize and overseas and we have gotten quite a few persons who outperformed the rest of overseas students out in Jamaica, US, Canada, Colombia and where ever they went we had a few exceptional soldiers who performed really well and they put Belize up high on the map. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters: the families, the wives, the husbands, the kids, all of the people who contribute significantly to the well being and the morale of the soldiers. We are grateful to them and thankful to them and it’s another year and we wish them a Merry Christmas.”

The BDF were also joined by the Coast Guard, Police personnel and the US military forces. The BDF also presented tokens of gratitude to members of these security forces.

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