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Belize hosts Central American Agriculture Council Ministers’ meeting

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Belize has been appointed the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Agriculture Council (CAC) for the next six months. The CAC is a division of the Central America Integrated System (SICA). Today, The Government of Belize hosted the regional CAC Ministers’ meeting in Belize City and ministers with the responsibility for Agriculture met to discuss a number of matters affecting the agriculture sector in the region. Belize’s Minister of Agriculture Godwin Hulse said that the aim is to take an integrated approach towards the development of agriculture and trade in the region.

Godwin Hulse, Minister of Agriculture: “The importance of this is that it brings all the ministers, agricultural ministers of the region from Panama all the way up to Belize to discuss and agree on certain resolutions going forward. There were a number of discussion this morning, principally surrounding sanitary and phytosanitary cattle, tuberculosis, brosilosis and also there were some discussions on rural women in agriculture, indigenous people in agriculture, trading especially and the whole idea is to try to bring the Central American region a little more integrated in the whole developmental process of it’s agriculture and it’s agricultural trade, so that is the significance. It gives Belize a space because we are generally easily self sufficient in the basic products and so we need markets as well, Central America poses a great opportunity because while we are in CARICOM as you know it’s not as easy to get to the small islands of the Caribbean and there also difficult is trading. To put it very practically you can drive a truck across to Guatemala, you can drive a truck to El Salvador with products so this is basically where we want to go.”

Belize succeeded the Dominican Republic as the Pro Tempore Presidency of the Central American Agriculture Council.


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