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Belize Participates in FIFA and CONCACAF Elections

We caught up with Ruperto Vicente at the Phillip Goldson International Airport this morning. He left this afternoon on his way to Switzerland for the FIFA and CONCACAF elections scheduled to take place in the next few days. So who is Belize supporting?

RUPERTO VICENTE: In Central American we vote as a block so we look at what is most important for Central America and as well since we will be having a meeting tomorrow we will be looking at what is best for CONCACAF but Central America as a block has decided on who we should be supporting but that is going to be confirmed tomorrow.

Reporter: The last time we asked you, you did tell us that Belize specifically would support Mr.Blatter, has that changed?

RUPERTO VICENTE: We supported President Blatter based on his agenda and his agenda suited Belize’s agenda because we are a developing nation, we are developing in football and his agenda was to develop football in all countries that are not yet developed. It is clear that Central America has decided on who to vote for and that decision is not on President Blatter.


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