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Belize’s Fuel Price is the Highest in the Region

After weeks of anticipation, the price of premium gasoline took a dip at the stroke of midnight last night. It now sells at eleven dollars and seven cents per gallon. On the other hand, regular gasoline increased by twenty-seven cents to ten dollars and forty cents per gallon. The price per gallon of fuel in Belize is one of the highest in both Central America and Caribbean regions. Belize Leaders for Social Justice activist, Moses Sulph, says the high tax on fuel is increasing the cost of living.

Moses Sulph

“They’re playing with us the Belizean people and those who are affected directly must get involved directly in their liberation. I am certain many of those who are driving vehicles, many of those who are running dollar vans, many of the taxi men they would know how this is affecting us more than I do; I ride a bicycle but I am still cognizant of the fact that fuel costs drive up costs of living and cost of good and services. So what the government is doing with us really they are taking us for papishow, they are taking us for what I would call fools and I don’t think the Belizean people should accept this sitting down and I think that again we want to reach out to all the Belizeans, all the different opposition they are supposed to be doing what we are doing, they are supposed to be defending the oppressed in this country. Fuel price is still the highest in the entire region that is not something positive at all, that is not something where we should be at but what they are doing is trying to see how to burden the Belizean poor by collecting high tax on fuel.”

The price of diesel remains at nine dollars and fifty cents per gallon.

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