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BNE Says Oil Is Not Running Out

The output from the oil fields has not made it on the news recently.  As a matter of fact, when we do here about oil, it is usually due to organizations fighting against oil exploration or court hearings on injunctions to halt exploration activities in certain areas.  Love News met up with Daniel Gutierrez, the Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager of the Belize Natural Energy Limited to find out how oil extraction has been going and what can be expected.


“I have heard the comment before that the oil is running out; I can tell you that what we need to do in Belize is increase the responsible exploration for oil and gas and when we do that we feel, certainly at BNE and I know many others that feel the same way that there are many more barrels of undiscovered oil and gas in Belize that when responsibly produced can make a significant difference to our economy. So I certainly want to encourage everyone who is in some way shape or form worked in oil and gas and of course the government of Belize to keep this going for the work in oil and gas for responsible exploration of oil and gas as BNE has proven that it has been able to do over the last few years. So I certainly would not agree with the term that the oil is running out, BNE limited has seen a decrease from the Spanish Lookout oil field but of course there is more work that we will be doing in a different oil field to be able to perhaps increase the production from that field over the few years but I would not agree with the statement that the oil is running out. I think Belize is endowed with oil and gas resources I think there are many undiscovered barrels and I think we should push the responsible exploration for oil and gas resources.”


“Expand on the responsible exploration of oil and gas in Belize.”


“To do it the way BNE has done it, I’ll sum it up like that. We have invested a tremendous amount of resources, financial resources, we have trained our people, we have acquired the right technology to be able to produce oil and gas in a responsible way. To be able to bring the oil and gas to the market with minimal impact to the country and I am certain that has been accomplished so that is the kind of exploration that Belize should encourage and I think that when that is done there are many more years of productive oil and gas resources that could be brought to market.”

While oil explorations have been reportedly taking place in Belize since 1981, it wasn’t until 2005 that drilling began in two fields located near Spanish Lookout and northwest of the capital, Belmopan.

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