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BNTU helps in fighting crime

The BNTU’s rally in Belmopan was a response to the spate of crimes committed mainly against women and children. The teachers urged the Government to take a collaborative effort to address crime. Since then the Ministry of National Security embarked on a series of consultations on strategies to fight crime. Last month, the Ministry of National Security met with the BNTU to discuss the teachers’ role.

Elena Smith, BNTU President: “The Police asked the BNTU if we could have some of our teachers work with the Police Officers giving them some training as it relates to properly writing reports, helping them with English and that kind of thing so we will have teachers in the districts who will volunteer to assist the Police in whatever kind of training they can. We continue to push towards getting the Manifesto for Linda- those items that are in there and see how best we can put those things in place and while we might not be out there having another rally we are behind the scenes working to see how best we can get some of these things in place you know changes in law, working with the different stakeholders who are responsible for those areas. As well I am also working with the other parliamentarians, we have a group, all the female parliamentarians are working together to see what we can do as parliamentarians to push this matter forward and to see what changes we can bring as parliamentarians what changes we can bring to this process to ensure that our children and our women are a bit safer.”

The Ministry of National Security has also met with the National Trade Union Congress of Belize and the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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