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BPP: 18 strong, so far

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The Belize Progressive Party will be fielding candidates to contest the March 7 elections in five municipalities. The municipalities are Punta Gorda, Belize City, Belmopan, San Ignacio/ Santa Elena and Benque Viejo del Carmen.  The third party has identified 18 candidates to represent the party in the upcoming elections. Hipolito Novelo has the story.


 Out of the 67 municipals seats up for grabs on March 7, the Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is hoping to nab 18 of those seats. That’s because 18 candidates have come forward willing to contest the Municipal Elections under the third party’s green banner. The BPP has candidates contesting 5 municipalities.

In Belize City Paco Smith is the BPP’s Mayoral Candidate.


This is my second time vying for the position of Mayor in Belize City and this time is different. This time is different in the sense that we are part of a brand we are a part of a new political movement that is a new consciousness in Belize which is the BPP.

Smith is joined by Councillor Candidates, Anthony Perry, Javier Molina, Richard McCaulay and Garry Matus. They have released, not a manifesto, but ‘deliverables’ which include the establishment of a citywide Neighborhood Watch Program and a pound for stray dogs.

In Belmopan City, the BPP’s slate is being led by Charles Leslie.


Residents of Belmopan thirty six years and we have been listening to the PUP and the UDP argue about potholes and who stole from us the most. Really vote green, let’s get Belmopan on track and in closing once again; good governance and transparency, it works, it works for you the people.

Running with Leslie are Farah Ken, Hipolito Baustista and Robinson Crusoe.

Meanwhile, Rudy Wade, had decided to put his name in the ring as a Mayoral Candidate for the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena.


I am appealing to the residents of the twin town. If you are tired of the PUP and you are tired of the UDP you cannot say that Rudy Wade never visit your house right, if you want a change support Rudy Wade for a change right, step out of that box. I have the I don’t want to say but I have the guts to step out I have the guts to call them out right so please don’t be afraid you know join us.

Wade is not joined by any councilor candidate. He is the BPP’s only political candidate for the twin towns.

Mayoral hopeful Edwardo Ayala is also the only BPP Candidate for Benque Viejo del Carmen.

Well for now. BPP Leader is hopeful that more people would express the desire to run under the BPP banner.


We still have the fielders out there talking to some people and trying to get some back on board that their commitment kind of waned along the way.

The BPP Punta Gorda’s slate is the only complete slate being led by Francilia Williamson. Her team includes Linston Mckenzie, Horas Arnold, Ronald Mejia, Hector Bejerano, Orlando Muschamp and Eliza Coc. Hipolito Novelo: Reporting for Love News Hipolito Novelo.

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