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“Bridging the Standardization Gap”

Today is World Telecommunications Day.  Reporter Johnelle McKenzie has the story.

Johnelle Mckenzie – Reporter: “The way we communicate has evolved over time and in today’s world technology has made the way we communicate easier and more convenient. As we observe World Telecommunications Day we want to look at how technology has changed the way we communicate. People use one of three devices to stay connected:  a landline telephone, mobile phone or the internet. Love News spoke with Marconi Leal the Deputy Chief of Sales and Marketing at Digi who said that his company has used technology to modernize our society.”

Marconi Neal – Deputy Chief of Sales and Marketing (Digi): “There is a lot that we are doing around, impacting lives via communication but also how we are revolutionizing our technology. Two years ago we launched our  LTE Network, our mobile network and we continue to enhance our products and services on the mobile side. We continue to enhance our mobile services, we continue to look at the different propositions that we have in the market so that our customers could have that experience on the mobile side and of course of the fixed side with home internet. We have our Diginet product which we are happy, we boast to say that we have Diginet countrywide and we have thousands and thousands of customers now on Diginet. In February we had announced that we had twenty thousand customers on Digitnet and so for World Telecommunications Day it is all about bringing awareness to what we are doing in communications and how we continue to contribute to an important factor of all of our lives which is communication. Communication has been responsible for more than just allowing people to stay connected. Many businesses depend on it to conduct their business affairs. Desmond Tillet shared how a mobile phone is crucial to his business.

Desmond Tillet: “In my business what I do if  I don’t have a phone I would lose a lot of business. People cannot connect to me internationally and Belizeans.”

Jonelle Mckenzie – Reporter: “So you wouldn’t be able to conduct your business without a phone?”

Desmond Tillet: “Well, it wouldn’t work because most of my clients call me and the ones that call me need my service so I would lose a lot.

Jonelle Mckenzie – Reporter: “World Communication day is being celebrated under the theme: Bridging the Standardization Gap. This is Jonelle Mckenzie reporting for Love News.”

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