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Burglar caught not long after robbing safe

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Police in San Pedro are conducting another investigation of their own following a burglary at Portofino Resort, located at 61/2 Miles North of San Pedro Town. Police provided more details.

Asp Alejandro Cowo: It is an area where most of these resorts are located, which is at a distance from the main town, make it vulnerable to many business there, especially we have heard of the other recent incidents involving other business, they are being robbed and are being burglarized but as a result police responded to that location and they spoke to the manager Mr. Raoul Rodriguez who had reported that sometime between Sunday morning between one and two the main office for the Portofino was burglarized and stolen form there was two safes containing a total of $16,000. Police visited the area, it was processed and quick police response led to the detention of a male person who lives in the nearby area where a total of $9000 was recovered suspected to be the ones that was stolen from the safe, also the safe was found not far from the location where the guy was detained.

Police say that surveillance footage shows only one person committing the crime.

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