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Businessman still missing as police make no progress in search

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Police say they continue to comb the northern districts in search of businessman Omero Campos who went missing on June 17. While police say there is nothing new to report to the press, they continue their search in hopes of finding him alive.

Acp Joseph Myvett Head C.I.B.: They are still conducting an intensive investigation, there is no new update; our searches continue for him.

Reporter: Do you have any information to indicate that he may still be alive?

Acp Joseph Myvett Head C.I.B.: No we don’t we are still continuing our searched though and hoping for the best.

Reporter: Any specific area?

Acp Joseph Myvett Head C.I.B.: We have conducted extensive searches in both Northern Districts so far.

Reporter: Do you believe that he is in those areas or his kidnappers took him across to Mexico?

Asp Joseph Myvett: No we don’t we are just following on the leads we are getting.

Police say they know of no other contact between his alleged kidnapers and the family following the phone call they received shortly after his disappearance on June 17. The San Narciso Village resident was last seen when he left his house and headed to his farm. In a previous statement to the media, DCP Chester Williams said they have enlisted the assistance of Mexican authorities in this case.

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