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Camp for youths to be held at Agricultural Showgrounds

Tomorrow, youths around the country will have the chance to participate in a one day camp event at the Agricultural Showgrounds in Belize. The event starts at 10am and features a multitude of activities, including workshops and performances. One of the organizers, Paul Lopez, told us that the high rise in crime committed by young people is part of the reason they decided to have this camp session.

Paul Lopez – Organizer: “My Refuge Christian Radio in collaboration with several youth leaders from across the Cayo District, Be The One Ministry and the several different organizations is hosting a youth event tomorrow, an all-day event called Youth Summer Fever. My Refuge Christain Radio and these youth leaders, we have seen the state of the nation, how things have been going on in the nation in terms of crime, corruption and stuff like that. We really felt like there is a need for a strategic youth plan to be formulated and put in place. We start the day with some motivational speeches and some music, then in the afternoon, we go into some workshops and then in the evening, we finish off the day with a bang. We finish off the day with a musical performance from Mark Issacs, he is a Caribbean Gospel Artist, he is an award-winning artist. There is no age range because the thing is we want the youth leaders to come out, we understand that youth leaders already have something established in their communities and so want them to come on board, we want them to bring their youths on board, we want them all to catch the vision and hopefully they can take the discussion and take what they have learned and begin to implement it in their communities.”