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More cane needed to meet factory’s milling capacity

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As ASR/BSI expands so has its milling capacity. However, at least for this crop, the sugar cane produced is not meeting the factory’s milling capacity. Vice President for International Relations at BSI. Mac McLachlan says the hope is that this will be increased.

Mac Mclachan VP International Relations ASR/ B.S.I.: We’ve experienced a number of different crops over the years as you know. This crop is winding to an end, its look like we’ve so far brought in 1.24 million tons in Sugar Cane. One of the issues with the investment we’ve made and put in is that we now have a higher capacity here for Sugar Cane here at the Mill. We have a capacity of 1.35 million tons and 180 day crop so it’s a little disappointing that we don’t have more cane to bring in at this time, more cane means more sugar, means more revenue, means more sustainable business. We will be working closely with the farmers that provide around 90% of the Sugar Cane here to try and ensure that even during the times of these very low prices that we are putting the right inputs in, we are doing the right things in the farm to try and ensure that we don’t fall behind on Cane supply but clearly at the moment capacity of milling is not the problem The problem is supply of Cane.

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