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Cancer Walk 2016 – Another Success Story

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The Cancer Society of Belize held its annual walk this past weekend. As has been the case over the past few years, the number of participants continue to increase. We have more on the event in this report.


“On Saturday morning hundreds of individuals made their way in front of Celina’s on the Phillip Goldson Highway for the start of the annual cancer walk. A very short ceremony took place after which it was on to Belize City where the walk would end up in front of the Belize Cancer Society’s main office on Mercy Lane. As has been the case over the years the walk had the participation of the very young to the elderly, all walking to bring awareness to cancer. President of the Belize Cancer Society, Laura Tucker Longsworth said they were delighted with the increase in the numbers.”


“Each year the crowd swells and what is nice is that you have the youth organizing themselves in groups and running together, taking pictures together that is amazing because that tells me that they are working together. This year has definitely seen an increase, we have more people hanging around after the walk, we have more interaction, it becomes a social activity ,we couldn’t ask for more, we’re delighted.”


“The goal of the walk is to keep the topic of cancer at the forefront of discussions since the numbers of those affected is continually on the rise.”


“We have to live with hope, we have to give positive messages and our message has been one of health and one of knowing that some of us will have cancer but the important thing is that for us to empower the community and empower individuals and that is why we selected this theme this year; “I can, we can understand that early detection saves lives.” So yes when we see what’s happening we know that everybody is hearing the message, we are able to speak more freely about cancer. People are now working through the myths and all those misinformation that are circling around and it was a delight for me because every time they said a myth I said “yes I know, I’ve heard that one too.” I have lived with it and so that is certainly our awareness campaign is certainly paying off in that respect.”


“Longsworth said while the numbers keep growing they are hoping for more corporate sponsors to get on board to assist them in providing the much needed services.”


“What we think we could do and we are planning to do is to have a day for a cancer challenge walk and those persons come in with sponsors and the reason for that is that we find that the money we make from the cancer walk t shirts but we do not have a lot of corporate sponsors and we think one way to do that would be to have the walkers themselves make arrangements with their bosses. But it has been a wonderful event, we have the head of our cancer support group, a lovely young woman who comes in and helps with their cancer support group and she has a mural and people can come over and sign and whomever wants to draw or something can do so and depict what they think cancer is and so on or maybe a little thing about a family member.”


“And so cancer walk 2016 has come and gone and as president Laura Longsworth mentioned the work will continue to keep spreading the message of the importance of early detection.”

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