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Crime & Police News

A case of police brutality

41-year-old, Darrell Ramclam, was shot in his face for no apparent reason when he went to visit the police substation on Mahogany Street in Belize City. Ramclam had gone to inquire why police picked up his brother. Ramclam told Love News that he and his brother went to buy food Monday night when police pulled up beside them and took his brother.

Darrell Ramclam – victim of police brutality: “ We were right on Mahogany St. buying a little BBQ from the man. Police approached and it looks like I don’t know what happened or why they approached but they came and looked at me and my brother and told him they wanted to see him at the station, they carry the man and I followed behind and I couldn’t even enter the compound, not even to reach the door. One police told me I can’t come on the compound. I know that I have a right to go in there and ask to see my brother and this police he didn’t even want to hear a lot of talking. The man just put the gun up and boom shot me suddenly and blood everything. I start to ask the man why you shot me for and no one did anything and at that point I wasn’t even focused on brother anymore, nobody anymore I just can’t believe I got shot like what will happen.”

Ramclam said that the police who shot him with a rubber bullet got into a mobile with other officers and drove away. Thereafter, he entered the police substation and pleaded with the officer inside for help.

Darrell Ramclam – victim of police brutality: “Everybody’s gone and I walk gone in and one man was inside and I told him I need help and he said well we don’t have no mobile and basically he told me that I have to come outside because I am bleeding too much in the Police Station and I said what I came for help from police and they are putting me out there basically telling me they shot me and are just throwing me out the station and telling me that you are on your own out there and I refuse to come out the station and that’s how the police pick up his phone or I don’t know what he did, he called and about three or four minutes after that a mobile came and pick me up and carried me.”

Ramclam said that another police mobile arrived to take him, but instead of taking him to the hospital,  they left him on Central American Boulevard, where his other brother picked him up. Ramclam said that police have already released his brother since it was a case of mistaken identity. Ramclam added that he has made a report and he wants justice.



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