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Cause of Mahogany Street Fire undetermined

Fire investigators are still unable to determine what caused a fire that had destroyed the Zelaya home in Belize City. Here is what Station Manager Orin SMith told the media about that incident.

Orin Smith Station Manager, National Fire Service: “Investigation revealed that at least one individual had recently left the structure approximately for ten minutes and upon returning home saw the structure a blaze. The cause of this fire is not yet determined.”

Reporter: “Sir in this particular instance, I know you said it has not been determined as yet, are you willing to discuss what your investigators may suspect have happened there because we know that there is a lot of controversy surrounding this family in that one of their family members is recovering from a gunshot injury and there is speculation that is unproven at this time that that may have been tied into what happend with the fire.”

Orin Smith Station Manager, National Fire Service:“We have received those information however I would not want to speculate. I would prefer to let the investigators proceed with their course of investigation and draw the conclusion.”

Smith says the investigation is ongoing.