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Cayo South Rep Fully Engaged In Divisional Transfers

While Julius Espat is encouraging his party to put in the work and efforts needed for election victory, he told Love News that he is practicing what he preaches in his division of Cayo South.  Specifically, he spoke of the last twenty eight days where he has been capitalizing on the divisional transfer season at the Election and Boundaries Department.


We are registering people because that is the time. We are looking at people if they want to transfer into Cayo South but we make it clear to them, you want to vote in Cayo South and transfer in Cayo South prove to us first that you live there because I won’t take you to elections and boundaries and you don’t live there and we have a very good record at Elections and Boundaries because they know when we bring in somebody it is legit and that is the style that we have. So we work every single day from 7am to evening. It is a responsibility and I am telling the younger candidates not to fall into the traps of the both political parties in the past where you feel like a bag of money will fall from the sky and because you are the some of this or that or because people tell you you look good or that you are popular that you will eventually win, that is not a formula that we are comfortable with, it’s not a formula that we promote. And so the style works because we have proven that it works but it takes a lot of work and when I mean Cayo South you notice I didn’t say Julius Espat because Cayo South is not Julius Espat Cayo South is an organization that we implemented and put in place that has everybody involved from the village leaders to the campaigners to people that believe in us. Everybody has a say and has a right.”

The divisional transfer season at Elections and Boundaries Department concludes on August 31, 2017.

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