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CEM-JC students vote “Yes” to the ICJ

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The education campaign on taking the Belize Guatemala Dispute to the International Court of Justice is ongoing. Several educational institutions have organized their own sessions and several more have worked in collaboration with the Referendum Unit. In the Corozal District, the Centro Escolar Mexico Junior College, CEM-JC has done this and like Saint Catherine’s Academy, the have held a mock referendum. History teacher at CEM-JC, Nancy Leiva, told us that their results was a resounding “yes” to the ICJ.

Nancy Leiva History Teacher: “From the students that we had there we had 135: 116 voted in favour of going to the ICJ and 18 I think we’re a no vote and one spoilt vote. Many of them when they had to do the question and answer segment emphasized that the skit really made them kind of focus on the fact that you have to be confident in the country that you have already and if there is so much investment in something that is so important then that you have to become aware of what is really going on. You have to read a lot, you are not going to sit down and wait and say oh well I am just going to wait for the Referendum Unit to come and educate me you have to do it yourself so that you are sure of what the facts are.”

Leiva says the voting took place following a session with the Referendum unit and a skit that highlighted the dispute and the ICJ.

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