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Chinese Man Faces Additional Charges

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Chinese national Yuanran Zheng appeared in court again today to answer to charges of using a fraudulent document to obtain a social security card. As we reported, Zheng reportedly entered Belize for the first time on Sunday, November 5 and was caught applying for a social security card at the Social Security Office in Belmopan using a fake Belizean Nationality certificate, one day after his arrival. He was charged on Wednesday for uttering upon a forged nationality document and attempting to use it to obtain another form of identification and was fined one thousand and two thousand dollars, respectively. Well, today, he returned to court and pled not guilty to the charge brought upon him by the Social Security Board and the case was adjourned to December. However, his attorney Arthur Saldivar had him return to court in the afternoon to plead guilty to the charge and he was then fined eight hundred dollars plus the cost of court. Police are also investigating the translator who accompanied Zheng to the Social Security office. He is Taiwanese-Belizean, Zheng Hui Lin, reportedly from Camalote village. The case is being investigated by both Immigration authorities and the Police Department. This morning ASP Alejandro Cowo spoke about additional leads in the investigation which can lead to additional charges for the translator Zheng Hui Lin.

ASP Alejandro Cowo – CIB

“The police is doing a part of the investigation, the immigration department is dealing with that internally and also Social Security. The three agencies have combined to see from where the certificate to the point when it got to Social Security and the police are dealing with the investigation as it relates to the document.”


“Now there is another person who is involved who is a translator he is from Camalote Village, a Taiwanese Belizean I understand his name is –“

ASP Alejandro Cowo – CIB

“Mr.Lin he was detained and both of them were charged, both of them went to the court and pleaded guilty and they were fined the same amount of money $1,000 plus $5 cost of court.”


“Okay but Mr.Zeng won’t be – I understand he is being released.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo – CIB

No, he is still pending in that investigation and also an additional house search was conducted at Mr.Lin’s residence where other copies of documents were found at his residence so police are looking into that to see what other charges can be levied against him.


“He detailed in the second case he’s –“

ASP Alejandro Cowo – CIB

“He will be released, I believe that is the discretion of the magistrate. I think he will remain here until the investigation, until we continue with the investigation and thereafter if anything is to be given to him any other charges that will be done, if not then I think immigration will take that over and I guess he will be deported but it’s a matter for immigration to deal with.”

ASP Cowo says documents found in Lin’s house is in the name of another Chinese national and it resembles a sample of a social security card.

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