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Commander’s Home Burglarized on Military Base

Reports of a burglary at the home of the Brigadier General, David Jones surfaced earlier this week and raised several questions particularly since the incident happened on Belize’s military base and the amount of money stolen was reportedly in the tens of thousands.  We have been unable to get comment from Commander Jones but according to Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Retired Colonel George Lovell, the matter is under investigation.


Investigators in Ladyville are currently interviewing several persons of interest on the base.  They would not disclose whether there was forced entry at the home or how much money was taken; we do understand, however, that it was in the range of thirty thousand dollars.  Commander Jones had just returned from a working visit to Louisiana when he found that his money was missing.  Interestingly, not all the money was taken and neither was his licensed firearm.

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