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Cordel Hyde endorses Paul Thompson

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This evening PUP Deputy Leader Cordel Hyde set the record straight. He is one hundred percent supporting Senator Paul Thompson in his bid to represent the PUP in the Albert Division for the next general elections. Currently, there is an advertisement running on TV which many have interpreted as Hyde expressing support for Senator Valerie Woods, who also wants to run for the PUP in the Albert Division. However, this evening Hyde told the media that the ad is misleading and that Thompson is his choice.

Cordel Hyde, Deputy Leader, PUP: “I think we need to set the record straight because I think the ad is more than a tad misleading. I think two years ago we were in San Pedro at a public meeting Miss Woods, myself and others in fact Paul Thompson was there also. She was doing her thing in the Senate at the time and I was being kind. She spoke before me and she said that she’s not going to run for politics, that she’s not interested in running and blah blah blah so when I came up I said ‘don’t believe Miss Woods, that she will definitely run for politics and I believe she should and I explained why I think she should. But that is not the same as saying that she should run against Paul Thompson in the Albert division I mean this is Paul Thompson. This is a man weh spend donkey’s years in the trenches on the south side. He’s been through thick and thin with us, stands for the same social justice ideals, wan the same things, want the party to return to its social justice roots to ensure that we are taking care of the common man and woman, to make sure that they can get their piece of land and get a decent house and send their children to school and get a decent job. What you see with Paul is what you get, no frills, no extras no strings attached, no ulterior motives just a cool humble guy with his heart in the right direction. This man has quietly been doing his part to try to push kids in the right direction and providing the outlets but you would never know this because the man doesn’t go on camera, the man is not chasing you for an interview, the man is not showing himself, the man is an authentic roots man, the kind of soldier, the humble lion that we need for the fight, that we need on our side to fight for the south side of Belize City to make sure that our people get what they need to get because you see what is happening. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent and there is more poverty on the southside than ever before, more crime on the southside than ever before, more people looking for jobs and can’t find jobs than ever before and I’ll tell you this thing here there are times in life and government when big decisions have to be made, when an area representative has to decide whose side he is on- whether he is on the side of the ordinary man and woman on the street or whether he is on the side of the wealthy and the special interest people won’t have to guess what side Paul Thompson is on. So don’t make any ghost fool you this man could win the Albert division, the people know this man, he’s spent half his life in the Albert division grinding in the first instance ensuring, helping Mark Espat to overcome a 40 year domination in this division by the UDP and now trying to get the People’s United Party back in the winning column in Alberts.”

The PUP convention for the Albert Division is scheduled to take place on June 17.

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