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Couple shot while at home, Common-law Husband fatally wounded

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The third fatal shooting incident happened in Roaring Creek Village shortly before midnight. A man was killed and his common-law wife injured. ACP Joseph Myvett, head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch shared what their investigations have revealed so far. 

ACP Joseph Myvett – Head, National CIB

“Last night police were called to the residence of one Kimberly Smith in the ‘Another World’ area of Roaring Creek Village where she reported that shortly before the report was made to the police shots were being fired within her yard and as a result she opened the window of her wooden house where she saw two persons- one of whom had a gun in his hand- firing inside her yard and as a result the gunman then turned his weapon and his attention towards her house where he fired several shots which penetrated the wall of her wooden house where she received one gunshot injury to the lower back whilst her common law husband who was inside the wooden house received one gunshot injury to the left side of his chest and he was later identified as Thomas Henry, 31 year old Belizean of the said address. There was one person in the yard who is related to the victim and as a result of her hearing the shots that is when she opened her window to see what was going on and as a result that was when the gunman turned towards her and started firing. Henry was taken to the Western Regional Hospital where he apparently succumbed to his injuries. Police have since launched intensive investigation and operations in the Roaring Creek area which have resulted in the detention of two persons pending this investigation. We also want to take this opportunity to appeal to the general public that if they may have any information relating to this case that such information be relayed to the police in order to assist us in our investigation of this matter.”

Kimberly Smith spoke with Love News today and shared that the couple had been trying to leave a troubled past behind.

Kimberly Smith – Shooting Victim

“Last night just before 11 we were sleeping in our bed when we just heard the bullets penetrate the house. I got shot first in my back and I told him ‘gunman’ and he just raised up and when he did he got shot up through the wall.”

Fem Cruz – Reporter

“How many gunmen?”

Kimberly Smith – Shooting Victim

 “One shot he got. I can’t tell you more or less. We didn’t see he got shot through the wall. But all I can tell you is that the chanced him and they chanced me because I could have died just like him. They took my son’s father, my everything from me. Nobody can tell me how I feel or that they are vexed with me.”

Fem Cruz – Reporter

Who are those persons you want to say ma’am.

Kimberly Smith – Shooting Victim

 “His parent’s I know, his family on his side I know will be mad and I don’t give them wrong to be mad but they can’t be mad at me because I am not God and I didn’t know that would have happened. If I had left their son in Belize people would have killed him. We ran from Belize and we ran from Orange Walk, came this side for safety.”

Fem Cruz – Reporter

How long have you been here?

Kimberly Smith – Shooting Victim

 “We’ve just been here a month. And I told him that we came to the wrong spot and he told me he was tired of running.”

Belmopan Police have detained two persons pending investigations and we are told that investigators have already made significant progress in the case.

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