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Court of Appeals dismisses Bert Vasquez’s application for new evidence

This morning the Court of Appeals  dismissed the application submitted by 33-year-old Bert Vasquez for new evidence to be admitted as a part of his appeal. Vasquez is appealing a judgement which was handed down against him in July 2017. In that case, Vasquez was found guilty of one count of forcible abduction and one count of aggravated assault of an indecent nature and sentenced to ten years in prison.  Vasquez, who represented himself, offered up compelling evidence, but in the end, it was not persuasive enough. In essence, Vasquez told the court that the case was tried in the media before it reached the court since the complainant gave a media house an interview prior to the court case. Furthermore, he pointed out that there were inconsistencies between the complainant’s interview to the media house and her testimony that was given to the court.  However, the Director of Public Prosecution Cheryl-Lynn Vidal told the Court that the interview and testimony both identified Vasquez as the person who assaulted the complainant.  The only difference is that she may have gone into more details in her interview than she did in her testimony.  In addition, Vidal said that the Court of Appeals is not the place to be introducing new evidence of this nature. The adjournment of the case is to be announced

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