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Court reserves decision in Aracely Cahueque appeal case

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While she is in Costa Rica, an appeal launched against Aracely Cahueque was heard today. Four years ago, Cahueque who was charged with abetment to commit murder, was freed. She was accused of assisting in the killing of 18 year old Raylene Dyer, in 2012. Dyer’s head was cut off and her body was reportedly disposed of in the river in Roaring Creek Village. In 2014, Supreme Court Justice Dennis ordered the jury to find Cahueque not guilty of the charge. The office of the Director of Public Prosecution appealed the matter on the bases that the Justice did not consider crucial information. Cahueque’s Attorney, Anthony Sylvestre, spoke to the media.

Anthony Sylvester, Defense Attorney: “I was appointed by the court to represent Ms.Cahueque who is not in the jurisdiction and the DPP brought an appeal against the acquittal. The contention of the DPP office is that the trial judge erroneously excluded evidence and the main source of the evidence for their trial Ms.Cahueque trial and so they brought an application for permission to appeal and the court indicated just a while ago that it reserved its decision. Their argument was that that prohibited them from being able to properly put forward their case and one of the things that has to be satisfied by the DPP even if there is an error that there was a miscarriage of justice and their view was that there was a miscarriage of justice.”

The court has reserved its decision to a later date.

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