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Alleged child abductor out on bail

45-year-old Bartolo Shish was arrested and charged on September 4 for forcible abduction and sexual assault.  He was accused of kidnapping a minor from San Ignacio and taking her to Belize City, touching her inappropriately along the way. He spent very little time behind bars as his attorney, Hurl Hamilton, confirmed to Love News today that Shish is out on bail.

Hurl Hamilton, Attorney

Hurl Hamilton, Attorney: “I was recently retained yesterday, it was for the bail application. I presume I’ll be retained for the actual case so instructions, as it relates to bail, is different from instructions from the actual case. Clearly he’s denying those allegations that is suffice to say those are the brief instructions that I got. He’s denying any allegation that anybody was inside any vehicle with him. He has gotten bail. We went to the Supreme Court this morning and we were able to secure bail for Mr.Shish in the sum of $10,000 plus one surety or two sureties in the sum of $5,000 each.”

Shish is scheduled to reappear in court on November 7. His bail conditions include not interfering with the virtual complainant or any of the prosecution witnesses, and to report to the San Ignacio Police Station every Friday, starting next Friday.
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