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BNTU Not Ready for Early Re-Opening of School

Other than fighting off the Ministry’s intent to dock the teachers’ pay, BNTU is also fighting not to go back to the classrooms on January 3. According to the Ministry of Education, managing authorities of both the primary and secondary levels agreed to make up the time loss by cutting Christmas and Easter vacations short, by at least 6 days.  A memo sent by the Ministry reminded teachers that they are to report for duty on January 3. But according to the union’s attorney, Senior Counsel Eamon Courtenay, the BNTU has an issue with that because they were not consulted.

BNTU’s First Vice President, Adelaida Guerra told the media that they are not prepared to go back to classes on January 3.

Guerra says teachers want to take their full holidays and will be returning to the classrooms on January 9.

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