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Fire at Children’s Home Was Set by Minor

Last Thursday, June 15, a small fire broke out under a small shed behind one of the buildings in the Dorothy Menzies Child Care Center compound. Residents in the area reported that they smelled paper burning and soon located the blaze. The fire officials were called sometime after four o’clock in the afternoon and had the blaze under control before five o’clock. During their investigations, the fire department obtained surveillance footage from the Center which showed that the fire was incendiary, meaning it was provoked. Love News understands that a boy, a resident of the Center, was playing with fire and had lit a piece of cardboard and placed it on a couch that was under the shed. He left shortly after. The fire ignited and spread on the entire couch and as the blaze grew, it damaged an air-conditioning unit that was located beside the shed. There were no other damages caused by the flames. Fire Officials say they will be handing the information gathered to the police.

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