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Love FM’s Richard Merrill Passes Away at 76

American national, Richard Merrill came to Belize from Mississippi, USA, in the early 1990s and immediately cemented himself in the media and broadcasting industry particularly with Love FM.  Merrill, passed away over the weekend at the age of seventy six in Corozal Town where he had relocated following his retirement.  Merrill had been an integral part of Love FM in its early years as he was a host on The Morning Show, a news writer and editor and a teacher to many who came into the organization.  His zest and love for Belize were evident as Merrill made it a point to travel to both the urban and rural areas of the country and sharing his views on every national topic on the airwaves.  While many who worked with him have admitted to having learned a great deal from him, there are also members of the public who, via social media, have expressed a profound appreciation for his contribution on Love FM.  Merrill is survived by one son in the Unites States and several grandchildren.  Details of his burial arrangements have not been finalized.

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