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Melicio the Mexicano Slain at Yalbac

San Ignacio police are looking for one Maximiliano who is accused of murdering Melecio Gonzalez over the weekend. The murder occurred in Yalbac Village and according to San Ignacio Commanding Officer, Superintendent Richard Rosado, Gonzalez aka Mexicano was socializing at his residence when an altercation occurred.


“On Sunday 11 December 2016 about eleven thirty pm, based on information received of a murder in the Yalbac Area, Cayo District, police visited the scene where the lifeless body of a male Hispanic person was seen in a lateral position on a road side next to a farmland with apparent injuries to the right side of his head. The body was later identified as Melicio Gonzales, a naturalized Belizean farmer of Yalbac Village. Initial investigations reveal that the deceased Melicio Gonzales was socializing and drinking with friends and family at his residence when he had a misunderstanding with another male person known only as Williams who subsequently hit him in the head with a rock. The body was later transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital where it awaits a post mortem. The scene was processed, statements have been recorded from the witnesses. Police are still trying to ascertain the motive but we do know alcohol may have been a contributing factor that subsequently led to the misunderstanding and death of Melicio Gonzales.”

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